Spring at Greens’ Bush

For various reasons I have not taken many/any photos on recent visits to Greens Bush. The weather has been cold and wet, it has been quite dark in the forest and most importantly not many birds have sat still long enough to take a decent image. I no longer blast away at any bird and hope that there is a shot in there somewhere. The hours post processing are not worth the result. I try to take only a few shots and get the setup right while stalking the target. This often results in failures and no shots but does save time at the computer. On Saturday I was determined to shoot something rather than just carry the heavy gear around. While the birdlife was abundant and the forest was quite noisy there were not many birds near enough to shoot. What I did find was three different species’ nests all within a few meters of where I had stopped for a breather. For nearly 30 mins I watched as a Golden Whistler returned to a particular bush with more nesting material. The female seemed to be doing all the collecting and building with the colourful male inspecting now and again and standing guard in the next tree. While just standing there I saw a pair of Spotted Pardalotes on a branch just above my head. It took a few moments to realise that they were not being friendly but getting a bit stressed because I was standing next to their burrow. I moved away and straight away they flew down and into the burrow. Turning around at a new bird call I saw a pair of Striated Thornbills flying into their nest, a tennis ball size clump of soft material and spider webs. Spring has started and nesting season is in full swing. I will re-visit in the coming weeks and hopefully see more progress and take a few pics.

Spotted Pardalote near nest entrance, Greens Bush, Vic

Spotted Pardalote near nest entrance

Spotted Pardalote nest entrance, Greens Bush, Vic

Spotted Pardalote nest entrance – a burrow

Striated Thornbill nest, Greens Bush, Vic

Striated Thornbill nest camouflaged inside an over-hanging Eucalyptus branch

Golden Whistler nest (just starting), Greens Bush, Vic

Golden Whistler nest (just starting) – will be more of a traditional cup type nest.

6 responses to “Spring at Greens’ Bush

  1. Sad spring has not been a nice start for you, but it is always
    a plus to find a Pardie nesting tunnel. We are having very dry warm drought like conditions here, and wetland areas are suffering. Great to see somichnestimg Malt, the delight of spring 😊


  2. Nice shot of the Spotted Pardalote! We all know too well how it feels to walk around for ages and come home with ‘nothing’, but perseverance always pays back handsomely. Keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks for the comments Maurice, very much appreciate you stopping by. It was a long winter and I think I went months just carrying the heavy gear without taking any decent images, spring has well and truly sprung and the birds are out and about and the light has got so much better…I have another post coming soon on the beautiful tiny Spotted Pardalote and due to a tribal squabble I now have one in my freezer…

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