Gippsland Water-dragon

There is a beautiful drive along the famous Snowy River from Orbost to Marlo. It is part of my pilgrimage route from Melbourne to the far east Victorian wilderness areas. Along the way I stop at various points to see the differences from previous year’s trek. I stopped at a picnic/viewing spot along the river and happened to find this Water-dragon sunning itself in the morning sun. on a fishing pier. While I often find these large lizards when I go to the far east there is some concern by the locals that they are becoming rarer due to pollution, loss of habitat and poaching. The trapping of the lizards is especially bad around the Mallacoota area. I was glad I found one so early in my trip.

Gippsland Water-dragon, Snowy River, Marlo Rd, Vic

Gippsland Water-dragon, Snowy River, Marlo Rd, Vic

2 responses to “Gippsland Water-dragon

  1. Wonderful image of such a magnificent lizard!


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