This blog is about birds, the bush, street art, black & white photography and the quirky laneways of Melbourne’s CBD. It might give you an idea of what it is like to live in Victoria, Australia and especially the city of  Melbourne.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Storm clouds over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria 18 April 2015

Storm clouds over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria 18 April 2015

Street Art, ACDC Lane,

Street Art, ACDC Lane, Melbourne CBD

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  1. Hello, my name is Ann and i am very impressed with your blog. Australia is a very interesting and very far country for me, so you give me a unique opportunity to get to know it closer! Thank you! And I am happy that you visited my blog, much appreciated! Have a nice day!


  2. Thanks for the follow your photography is stunning. Look forward to seeing more. Melbourne is such an awesome city but I rarely get there.

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  3. Thanks for following The Long Way Home! I really love your bird photography. I used to do some bird spotting with my dad growing up – but rarely saw anything quite as exotic as these in Wales!

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  4. Hi Malt, very interesting blog. Esp the birding part. I am an amateur birding enthusiast from Mumbai , india. Going to be In Melbourne thru the Christamas week. Am planing my trip and seeking guidance on the best places to go biding in/around Melbourne. Was wondering how to go about planing this. Which area/s will be most productive. Is there a local birding group which does morning trips? Are there any local birders i can connect with to tag along with. Thanks


    • Hi, thanks for the comments. Best thing to do is check out the Ebird entries for around Melbourne. It will indicate the best sites based on most number of species. Also join up with Victorian Birders on Facebook and search for similar questions posted by others or ask your own questions. The number 1 spot to go to will be the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee where you can find up to 100 species in a day. There are many small groups of weekend birders around Melbourne and you will find the active ones that take visitors on the Vic Birders FB page. Good Luck and enjoy your holiday in Melbourne, hope you find some good birds.


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