The Tagged Tern of Stone Pier

This Crested Tern appears to be a regular visitor to the Elwood Beach Stone Pier. I saw him when I visited the beach recently to take shots across Port Phillip Bay. The Tern is tagged with a metal band. It must be a good hunter – whenever it went up to look into the water for fish, several waiting Silver Gulls followed it very closely – hoping to steal his catch. I failed miserably to take any flight shots as he was just too close for my lens (and skill level) and I was shooting wildly, staggering around the pier like a drunken sailor. After a while he rested on the stone wall and waited in hope that a  fisherman would throw some bait his way.

Tagged Crested Tern,

Tagged Crested Tern, Elwood Beach, 18 April 2015

4 responses to “The Tagged Tern of Stone Pier

  1. Pretty bird

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  2. I think his beak changes colour during the course of the year… I distinctly remember it being more orange….


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