Sailing Boats off Brighton Beach

Even when the light is average and the camera and lens being used are setup for shooting birds you can still take images that can test your ability to find something unusual.   On a recent walk along Elwood beach with a friend I took a series of shots of the dark clouds and gloomy weather with the occasional burst of sunlight breaking through. I had previously rejected these images but after seeing Ron’s treatment of similar images I thought I would revisit them. Using Lightroom and tweaking the levels I gave these yachts off Brighton’s coast a bit of an other worldly look…

Click on the image for a larger view:

Yachts off Elwood Beach

Yachts racing on Port Phillip Bay off Brighton and Elwood Beach.

9 responses to “Sailing Boats off Brighton Beach

  1. I used to crew a yacht in races down at Blairgowrie, which went all over the southern half of the Bay… a good way to visit the navigation pylons which are home to Australasian Gannets, more your usual type of photographic fare!


    • I used to scuba dive at Popes Eye and there were heaps of breeding Gannets on the wharf and rocks but I never got a photo, I still don’t have a good shot of one. I have seen them cruising along the foreshore a few times but just wasn’t fast enough with the camera.


  2. I think I can still add these type of images as the purpose of the trip was to get shots of sea birds but if there are not many about I have to shoot something…


    • I understand… I have a similar shot of the ‘Jacobs Ladder’ photo you took… a few years ago… almost from the same spot! There is also usually a Tern near that spot at this time of year… generally sitting on the end of the stormwater outfall at Elwood… if he’s not there he usually leaves excreted evidence!


  3. funny you should say that Andrew, The only bird I shot was a Crested Tern on the wall of the outfall pier…I will have to add him now


  4. If he’s the one I know, he’ll be metal tagged on one of his legs… if you are really lucky he’ll give you a fishing demonstration, Tern style…


    • yep, he was tagged…I will post him up tomorrow…and he got mobbed by several Silver Gulls every time he went up to have a look for fish…so he parked near a fisherman on the outlet and seemed to hope for a bit of charity…


  5. Luminous

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