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Greeted by a Golden-headed Cisticola

Greeting me as I opened the access gate (4) at the Treatment Plant recently was a little Golden-headed Cisticola. It is a small bird of the marshy grasslands surrounding a wetlands area. It has several calls including a very distinctive call that can be mimicked with a bit of effort and strong lips. In my earlier files I found a small video of another Cisticola at another entry gate, perched on a barbed wire fence along the T-section of the Treatment Plant. Towards the end of the file the distinctive call can be heard.

Golden-headed Cisticola, Western Treatment plant, Werribee, Vic

Golden-headed Cisticola, Western Treatment plant, Werribee, Vic


Eastern Ground Parrot, the movie

Once I had taken a few shots of the Eastern Ground Parrot, I thought I would try and use a different camera (my Canon powershot 60) and see if I could get a bit of video. I took several short videos and this one shows just how difficult it can be to find and see these small, well camouflaged parrots in the low heathland scrub.

The video is at full zoom and handheld so becomes a little unstable in the windy conditions.