About – old

I like birds and I like shooting birds with my camera…

I like travelling to National Parks, State Forests, Flora Fauna Reserves & Coastal Bushland, in the Australian southern state of Victoria, to find birds and anything else that crosses my path…

I live along the Port Phillip Bay coast.

Storm clouds over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria 18 April 2015

Storm clouds over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria 18 April 2015

Sadly my Gap Year is over and I am back working, in the city heart this time, but the work is good and I get to spend some personal time exploring the unusual places of the city… many opportunities for urban and street images.

I am interested in many things, I collect hobbies and interests, tried many things in my time, some have stayed with me, many have been left on the curb.

I like music, play the classical guitar, banjo, didjeridoo, I listen to a lot of different music (but the best is still from a heavy metal period 1978 – 1982).

I like Architecture and the practical and pragmatic use of space, especially small places. To live within a space and fully utilise it is the aim, a small footprint and no wastage, with everything in its place…

I also like gardening with a purpose, I removed my front lawn and created a potager style garden.

Veggie Garden Aussie Potager

Front Veggie Garden – An Aussie Potager. I ripped up the front lawn and made 4 rows of mixed veggies, herbs, edibles and flowers.

Little Wattlebird

Little Wattle Bird on the weeping grevillea in my front yard

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