Azure Kingfisher – great name, beautiful bird

One of the main reasons to visit Gypsy Point, north of Mallacoota, is to go on the small boat cruise up the river to see the White Bellied Sea Eagles diving for fish. It is a great experience and something I do at least once on each trip to the far eastern districts. Along with the usual wetland and river birds that you can expect to see is the amazing Azure Kingfisher. It is a tiny bird, much smaller than expected and I am always surprised at its size, speed and hunting prowess. While the light was very dim I did manage to take a few high ISO shots of this colourful bird.

Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016

Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy Point – still damp from its last dive into the shallows for prey

Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016


Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016


Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016


Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016


Azure Kingfisher, Gypsy point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016


White-bellied Sea-eagle, Gypsy Point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016

White-bellied Sea-eagle, photographed from Captain John’s boat cruise along the river.

Grey Kangaroos, Gypsy Point, Victoria, 20 Dec 2016

Many Grey Kangaroos can be seen as well.

7 responses to “Azure Kingfisher – great name, beautiful bird

  1. While not a birder, myself, I thoroughly enjoy your bird photos, the countryside and other animals you include from time to time. Have you been to America? I’m not quite sure we have as many exotic birds as you have. I’ll ask my neighbor, a birder. Occasionally, I’ll share your photos. He enjoys them, as well.


    • Thanks for the comments Steve, I have not been to America yet. I know there are well over 800 species in the US and I am sure
      many are as interesting as ours. I will have to have a look at a few guide books and find the exotics. We have a lot of loud colourful ones here that fun to find and photograph.

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      • Living near the shores of Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes, we are privileged to be in the midst of a major flyway for birds of prey and others making their annual treks. I should plan time to actually spend a day watching those skies when the time comes. It won’t be long now, Spring is a bit more than a month from now. as for now, I just came in from another snow shoveling chore. It’s after 10:00 pm and while it’s the dead of winter, the outside air was refreshing. As I looked down the street, I spotted a deer making its regular night time tour of our yards, looking for some nice plant buds to devour, im sure.

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      • I would love to be that close to so many raptors. We quite a few out at the Treatment plant at certain times of the year but it is not part of a major migration flyway.

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      • If I remember, I’ll try to send you articles when they start coming this way. The ‘bald’ eagle has made a remarkable comeback here, in the States. So much so, that it’s bit unusual to spot one if you are in the appropriate places. The male of the specie is beautiful and majestic looking.

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