Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling

Through spring and summer I regularly hear Fan-tailed Cuckoos calling: described as a mournful descending trill. Along one of the paths to the Moorooduc quarry a pair flew down to lower branches and started calling.

In the background you can also hear a Striated Pardalote, a Grey Fantail and a Grey Shrikethrush.

I dont often get a chance to photograph these shy birds as they move through the upper and mid tree canopy looking for hairy caterpillars and other insects.

Fan-tailed cuckoo, Moorooduc Quarry

Fan-tailed cuckoo, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria

Fan-tailed cuckoo, Moorooduc Quarry


Fan-tailed cuckoo, Moorooduc Quarry


2 responses to “Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling

  1. Great clear shots Malt. I use to wonder what that call was for quite a while before I actually saw one calling and finally knew.

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