A not so bashful Bassian Thrush

Over the winter and into spring I have been exploring new sites down the Mornington Peninsula, particularly around the National Park. I found an entrance to a Bushland Reserve not far from where I stay and it turned out to be the Southern section of Green’s Bush – a brand new part that I had never been to before. I spent a few hours walking a new circuit and found plenty of new views, tracks, trees and signs of more mammals than the northern section. I had planned just a quick 1 hour walk but it became 3 when I missed a turn off and ended up much further south than intended and had to backtrack. I will definitely being going back to explore further and see what the changing seasons will bring to this part of the park. I have also started to review more detailed maps of area to see what else is hidden. The Bassian Thrush below was quite curious when I flushed it off the path. Usually they fly off low and quickly into the bush, but I think this one was young and had not learnt to be afraid yet.

Bassian Thrush, Green's Bush, Vict

Bassian Thrush, Green’s Bush (south section), Mornington Peninsula Nat Park, Vic

Bassian Thrush, Green's Bush, Vict

Bassian Thrush II

4 responses to “A not so bashful Bassian Thrush

  1. Always a treat to see a Bassian Malt, the great thing about their camouflage for us is the way they will stand perfectly still thinking they are invisible. If you can fire off shots you do well. A good pic Malt.


  2. I love finding new places too – hope there are some more in the maps for you 🙂 And great photos of the Bassian Thrush!


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