A very muddy quarry

A drop in visit to the Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna reserve after all the rain lately meant a slog through the mud and water along the paths to the Quarry. It was fairly quiet as the birds seemed to be in a bit of shell-shock only making a bit more noise and becoming more mobile when the sun made an appearance every now and again. I walked along a path where I regularly see Eastern Yellow Robins and while trying to photograph a pair hunting I noticed a young Kookaburra watching me with interest. He did not seem bothered at all by how close I was…

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria


Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria


Peregrine Falcon, Moorooduc Quarry, Victoria

One of the resident Peregrine Falcons at the Quarry, keeping warm by puffing up the feathers with trapped air. 

3 responses to “A very muddy quarry

  1. Great shots, they look so cold! the fluffed out feathers are interesting. I’ve seen magpies do that, also sunbaking — they lie on a bit of dirt (not grass) and spread out their wings fully and just lie there. I don’t know if they are trying to get warmer or cooler. They usually have a lookout stationed to watch out for them while they’re doing it. Have you ever seen this?


    • Thanks for the comments Sue. I have seen magpies lying flat on their backs with wings outstretched. I thought they were dead. I think they are sunning themselves and possibly it is part of a grooming/preening routine – it might aggravate mites so they are easier to find and remove…I have some images from Mallacoota where birds are sun-baking – https://maltpadaderson.com/2016/02/15/sun-baking-at-double-creek/


      • Thanks for that, I didn’t know other birds did it too. I’ve only seen them doing it when it’s very hot. A magpie stretched out is quite a different proposition scare-wise to the little birds in your other post.


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