Silo Art in Brim

While driving back to Halls Gap, from one of my excursions to the North Eastern districts of Victoria, I saw a group of people stopped on the road and taking photos of one of the giant wheat silos that are dotted around the wheat belt. It is very flat, dry and hot country. I slowed the car down and had a look at what was going on. People were looking at a giant 30 meter high mural, partially completed on the silo. The artist is Guido van Helten from Brisbane. In researching the artwork I found a number of articles that are worth reading. The articles also show the completed work.

I met a local while I was photographing the art, she said it was fantastic that such a small town like Brim (100 people) could have such a beautiful drawcard to attract people to stop. The people in the mural are actually known to the locals and are copping a bit of a ribbing by neighbours. Their identity is being kept secret to allow the focus to be on the art and not the people.

Wheat country Brim, Victoria

Wheat country, Brim, Victoria

Wheat Silo Murals, Brim, Victoria

Wheat Silo Murals, Brim, Victoria

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