Galah vs Dandelion

Recently on a beautiful sunny Winter’s day, moving around the golf course and trying to avoid the wayward shots of beginner golfers, I came across a pair of galahs feeding on grass seeds along one of the fairway edges. They let me get fairly close and did not move off until a Magpie barged into the pair to investigate their food source – a defenceless dandelion seed head.

Galahs, Elster Creek,

Galahs, Elster Creek,

Galah, Elster Creek

Yum Yum

Galah, Elster Creek


Galah, Elster Creek

A miffed Galah after a Magpie crashed the dinner table…

2 responses to “Galah vs Dandelion

  1. Fabulous shots Matt… I thoroughly enjoy your blog… x


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