Bunyip State Forest – Spotted Pardalote

Spent a few hours exploring a different section of the Bunyip State Forest last week with John. Neither of us had been to the Eastern section before. We started pretty early so the light was not the best for photography but a few spots we visited were very good for small birds especially the Lawson Falls Trail. It was quite overgrown but with plenty of birds in the canopy and many more around us in the shrubs. I saw one Lyrebird as we got out of the car at the Lawson Falls picnic ground and another up the Trail doing his shaking feather dance on his display mound.  We will definitely visit that walk again.

ParkWeb map and notes

Female Spotted Pardalote,

Female Spotted Pardalote, Lawson Falls Trail

Female Spotted Pardalote II

Female Spotted Pardalote II

Young Vic Ash trees, Bunyip State Park Picnic grounds

Young Vic Mountain Ash trees, one of Bunyip State Park Picnic grounds – these trees are only quite young and will grow to become one of the worlds tallest trees.

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