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Bunyip State Forest – Spotted Pardalote

Spent a few hours exploring a different section of the Bunyip State Forest last week with John. Neither of us had been to the Eastern section before. We started pretty early so the light was not the best for photography but a few spots we visited were very good for small birds especially the Lawson Falls Trail. It was quite overgrown but with plenty of birds in the canopy and many more around us in the shrubs. I saw one Lyrebird as we got out of the car at the Lawson Falls picnic ground and another up the Trail doing his shaking feather dance on his display mound.  We will definitely visit that walk again.

ParkWeb map and notes

Female Spotted Pardalote,

Female Spotted Pardalote, Lawson Falls Trail

Female Spotted Pardalote II

Female Spotted Pardalote II

Young Vic Ash trees, Bunyip State Park Picnic grounds

Young Vic Mountain Ash trees, one of Bunyip State Park Picnic grounds – these trees are only quite young and will grow to become one of the worlds tallest trees.


Owling at Bunyip State Forest, Victoria

I had another go at trying to find owls and nightjars at Bunyip last night with my birding mate John. This was our second attempt. We arrived at around 6pm in late afternoon sun and went to a few regular spots to see what was about. There has been some good sightings lately from the area. Our best pickup was a family or small flock of Blue Winged Parrots. We managed to walk up quite close to one feeding on grass seeds on the Button Grass track and got a few average photos. After it eventually flew off a group of three almost landed on us – we had the sun low behind us and they may not have known quite what we were…

Blue Winged Parrot, Bunyip State Forest, Victoria - 27 Dec, 2014

Blue Winged Parrot, Bunyip State Forest, Victoria – 27 Dec, 2014

At the Helipad we waited for nightfall and met up with a group of birders including Tim B. who helped us ID the White Throated Nightjar. The nightjar made two laps over our heads and was gone…not to be seen again. We were happy to have seen it and glad that Tim was there to help ID it – another lifer! No pictures unfortunately. John took a few pics of the moon while we waited for more birds to turn up. We had a walk along the track behind the helipad and heard a heap of Boobooks calling but nothing else.

John Van Doorn -  Moon at the Helipad,  Bunyip State Forest,  27 Dec 2014

John Van Doorn – Moon at the Helipad, Bunyip State Forest, 27 Dec 2014

After calling it quits at 11 pm we drove back via Gembrook and a Boobook almost flew into the windscreen. We stopped and drove back and found the Owl on a tree branch on the side of the road and got a few pics.

John Van Doorn - Bookbook, Gembrooke, Victoria, 27 Dec 2014

John Van Doorn – Southern Boobook, Gembrook, Victoria, 27 Dec 2014