Central Victoria – Hepburn Springs

During my recent birding trip to Central Victoria, I  dropped off my house mate at the Hepburn Springs Spa so she could take the waters. I decided to stay in the area and explore. I followed the small creek that fed the Spa upstream for an hour or so and found a number of interesting birds. There were many juveniles about still being fed by their parents. The juveniles can be a bit easier to photograph as they have not learnt to fear everything yet. The parents were much shyer and when they noticed that I was taking an interest in their chicks moved the chicks to new locations.

Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella – feeding on seed pods while keeping an eye on its fledgeling which seemed quite curious about me.


Juvenile Crimson Rosella

Juvenile Crimson Rosella

Juvenile Sacred Kingfisher

Juvenile Sacred Kingfisher

Juvenile Yellow Faced Honeyeater

Juvenile Yellow Faced Honeyeater

And a regular and tough target

Superb Fairy Wren

Superb Fairy Wren

3 responses to “Central Victoria – Hepburn Springs

  1. Yes, saw that Superb F Wren and two Rosellas on Mt Arthur at the Flinders monument that symbolised Flinders and his Lieutenant to me- romantically!


  2. How fortunate to live surrounded by such colour and variety. Our little brown wren is quite drab when compared to the Superb Fairy Wren. (What a name!)

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