The Little Duck-Hawk

Another of the raptors we found along the roads in the Treatment Plant was an Australian Hobby. I don’t often see this species though have seen one twice now in the last few months. I actually see Peregrine Falcons more often. This one flew into the Paradise Lagoons section along one of the roads and watched the various birds in the area as well as watch us slowly drive forward.   The Hobby (from old French “hobe” meaning small falcon) was also called the “Little Falcon” , “Little Duck-Hawk”, “Black-faced Hawk”, “White-fronted Hawk” and its Latin name means “Long-winged Falcon”.

Australian Hobby, Western Treatment Plant, Werribee, Vic

Australian Hobby, Western Treatment Plant, Werribee, Vic

2 responses to “The Little Duck-Hawk

  1. Great find Malt, we never see these little guys much near us, it is always a delight when we do see them. Keep warm and enjoy your birds.


    • It was a good find Ash, Winter is great for many raptors at the lagoons and surrounding roads. The best part about birding at the plant: staying warm in the car and using it as a mobile bird hide…200sqkm of bliss.

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