Spotted Crake with Didge music.

While at the Treatment Plant (aka Pooh Farm) on the weekend I found quite a few elusive Spotted Crakes along protected, muddy patches of various tidal and fresh water lagoons. In Western Lagoons I had stopped the car when I thought I had found one and waited for it to come out into the light again. I fiddled with my camera settings and ended up in movie mode so I thought I would try it out. The result wasn’t bad for a fully extended 100-400 zoom and 1.4 extender. The day was very windy and the wind sound came out on the video so I have added some music I like from a band called Outback (album Baka, song Airplay).

2 responses to “Spotted Crake with Didge music.

  1. Beautiful capture Malt of a very shy bird, you got such clear footage, Well done!


    • thanks Ashley, bit of an accident but I went with it, as long as the camera was supported by the car window frame it was a fairly stable image – no good handheld. Video is not an area I have really played in yet…

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