A chorus of Corellas

On an evening walk along Elster Creek and into the golf course recently I came across this little band of Long-billed Corellas. They were searching for seeds and working the grass for roots. I love the sound of the Corellas and will search them out along the creek. I have to find the birds to clearly ID them as I can’t tell the difference between Little Corellas and Long-billed by the calls. Even in flight it can be difficult unless you can spot the red/pink chest splash and red around the eyes

Click to play a recording by Andrew Spencer


Long-billed Corellas, Elster Creek (golf course), Elsternwick, Vic

Long-billed Corellas, Elster Creek (golf course), Elsternwick, Vic

6 responses to “A chorus of Corellas

  1. Nice capture Malt, the sharpness of the bill and blue-ringed eye stand out.

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  2. Lovely shots of the Long Bills, Malt! These birds are now being found in many states of Australia even Queensland, as the hot dry continues. They use their extended beak to pry up roots which they eat also, and the Little guys don’t so much. There is not much of a difference in their calls.

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