I got a lizard for lunch…

When visiting Ma and Pa Kettle at the family estate in Moorooduc,  I often stop by Moorooduc Quarry to check out a few of my favourite locals. At the moment the Eastern Yellow Robins, the Spotted Pardalotes and the Peregrine Falcons are nesting. On the way to the Pardalote spot where I like to watch the to’ing and fro’ing of the pair I found this Kookaburra softening up his lunch by giving it a few whacks on the branch. He was not concerned by me walking by and stopping to take a few shots. He just watched me for a bit and then continued to soften lunch.

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Mt Eliza, Vic

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Mt Eliza, Vic

Kookaburra, Moorooduc Quarry, Mt Eliza, Vic


5 responses to “I got a lizard for lunch…

  1. Nice photo; that lizard has given up!


  2. Both, my, how interesting. Glad I read it after dinner…😉


  3. When I use to have my hobby farm, an old Kooka would always come and sit on the fence when I was digging the soil. At first I thought he was just being friendly but when he flew down to the ground and pulled a worm 🐛 out of the ground I realised he was one smart Kooker😊

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