Nesting Western Gerygones at Bartley’s Block

While at Bartley’s Block recently I tracked down the lovely tinkling call of the Western Gerygone. (The same species that made a rare guest appearance in my local area during winter) . The block is well known for the variety of bird species, especially the smaller birds. I found a pair of Gerygones (pronounced “jereg-oney”) building a very large elaborate nest made of soft bark, moss, lichen and spider webs. It was shaped like a long tube that will eventually have a globe shape in the middle. I had to look up what the final nest would look like – I had not seen anything like this before.

Western Gerygone, Bartley's Block, Chiltern

Western Gerygone, Bartley’s Block, Chiltern

Western Gerygone, Bartley's Block, Chiltern


Western Gerygone, Bartley's Block, Chiltern

Western Gerygone’s partially built nest

On a nearby tree I found a group of black catapillars that I used to see as a kid living in Sydney. It always freaked me out to see  these and when I used to poke the mass with a stick it would react with a protective wave motion and a nasty smell. Freaky stuff. Some recent research showed me that these are actually the larvae of the Spitfire Sawfly – not a butterfly or moth but a wasp. When disturbed they emit a acrid smelling fluid from their mouths. (they still freak me out and always seem to be at head height)

Spitfire Sawfly Larvae, Bartley's Block, Chiltern

Spitfire Sawfly Larvae, Bartley’s Block, Chiltern

3 responses to “Nesting Western Gerygones at Bartley’s Block

  1. Cute babies!


  2. It would be fascinating to see the fully built Gerygones nest!


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