The ever changing laneways of Melbourne

I often walk through the laneways of Melbourne CBD looking for changes,  new art and really anything of interest. I revisited my favourite laneways this week and while walking down and around AC/DC Lane and into Duckboard Place, I squeezed past several tradesmen trucks and walked on to look for new material. Something was not right so I back-tracked and realised that one of the best pieces in the Lane had gone and new/old windows had suddenly appeared. The whole building has been gutted and the old windows have been restored after being bricked up for so long. Duckboard Place (extension Lane of AC/DC Lane) has had a few changes as well. An expensive new restaurant is about to  open up and the whole wall opposite has been covered with small advertising billboards. I guess the locals advertisers have realised how popular the area is – the problem will be that no-one will bother any more as the street art has gone and there is not any space to put up anything else. I certainly don’t mind progress and restoring the old buildings and giving them new life and purpose, I am just a little disappointed that a favourite piece has gone. Most pieces last only a day or so before being tagged and covered but ACDC Lane is different and the art has lasted months.

Bird Street Art, ACDC Lane, 9 June 2015

Bird Street Art, ACDC Lane, 9 June 2015

Bird Street Art II, ACDC Lane, 10 Aug 2015

ACDC Lane, 10 Aug 2015

Bird Street Art II, ACDC Lane, 10 Aug 2015


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