An unexpected bonus, a Bassian Thrush…

After spending a part of yesterday at the farm working the patch for Fanior and Henry, I stopped in at Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve for a walk in the mid afternoon sunlight. It was cool, calm and very quiet, not many species of birds around expect for quite a few White-Eared and New Holland Honeyeaters. Walking along the Emu Wren Track I noticed a bird on an overhanging branch. I was quite surprised and delighted to find it was a Bassian Thrush. I have only seen a few of this species over the last few years and this was my first time photographing one.  I suspect it was a juvenile by the way it seemed to be crouched and begging a bit. I did not see any adults but they are much more secretive and generally harder to see and find.

Juvenile Bassian Thrush

Juvenile Bassian Thrush

Juvenile Bassian Thrush


Juvenile Bassian Thrush


In the late afternoon light I found some large banksias that had a few Little Wattlebirds feeding on the flowers.

Little Wattlebird

Little Wattlebird

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