Exploring the ancient rainforests of Tarra Bulga

A few hours South-East of Melbourne is a region known South Gippsland. Due to deep protected valleys and gullies and heavy rainfalls a beautiful temperate rainforest has developed. The Mountain Ash forests surrounding the gullies were once heavily logged for timber and planted Pine logging still occurs on the nearby hills. The best parts of the rainforest have been protected by the Tarra Bulga National Park.

Just south of the National Park is a Camp Ground and Caravan Park – Fernholme. Last weekend I camped there for a few days with family and friends.  We explored the local area and various tracks in the nearby National Park. I also had some quiet time to sneak away and look for birds. The forests were very dark but I did find and photograph a few nice birds along the way. (Bird Post to follow)

Fernholme Park, Tarra Valley,

Fernholme Park, Tarra Valley,

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree – my car GPS took me up a few rough and muddy short-cut roads…we had to stop at this point and turn a round and head another way (for 50kms!)  – we were so close too. (taken using an iPhone through the windscreen). A recent windstorm had swept through the area and many trees were down.

Blue Thunder

A very dirty Blue Thunder (named by my Nephews due to its Diesel engine) – my new Subaru Outback. My last car did not quite survive my many off road adventures of the last 18 months.

Fern wall

Fern wall behind the Camping Ground reception building – many of these ferns are very old and at least 20 foot high.


Tree Ferns

Tarra River

Tarra River – the river has Brown Trout and Platypus right next to the campgrounds.

rainforest Bridge

Rainforest Bridge in the National Park

rainforest Bridge

Rainforest Suspension Bridge

Moss Tree

Moss Tree – most of the older trees with a rough bark had moss, lichens, fungi and various ferns growing on them. Several of the Myrtle Beech trees we saw were over a thousand years old.


Moss growing on the tree branches in the forest

Tree Fern,

Large Tree Fern

Moss and Mushroom

Moss and Mushroom – seeing if the iPhone can take decent shots

Creek in the rainforest

Small creek in the rainforest

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