Colours of Cloudehill

In the third and final post on the Cloudehill Gardens, I selected a range of flowers that were impressive in their vibrancy and shape. The summer flowers are in full bloom. They have designed the gardens beds extremely well. It is a design with layers within a bed that will flower at different times making for year round interest. Most gardeners (including me) plant for a short spring display but the Summer period can last much longer. Planting a garden high in the hills can also help the plants from being cooked during a hot spell and can extend the spring feeling. Entry is free for kids and for members of the Diggers Club – otherwise it is $10 per person. Well worth the journey and the cost.

Red Flower

Red Flower

Red Flower II

Red Flower II

Red Flower and Bee with pollen baskets

Red Flower and Bee with pollen baskets on rear legs.

Red Field II

Red Field

Blue Flower with Spinebill

Blue Flower spike with Spinebill attached…

Purple Flower with Bee

Purple Flower with Bee

Part 1 : Birds of Cloudehill

Part 2: The Wonderful Gardens of Cloudehill

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