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Something odd in the paddocks

While driving along one of the forest roads in the Muckleford State Forest in Newstead, I drove along the edge of one of the homestead paddocks and noticed a very odd sheep amongst the flock.

Sheep, Newstead, Victoria

Strange sheep of the Muckleford Forest

Old homestead, Newstead, Victoria

An old homestead

Scissors Grinder of Newstead Cemetery

For a small hillside country cemetery, surrounded by paddocks of sheep, Newstead has a surprising array of birds feeding in the area. There are several¬†¬†large mature gums and a few small creeks with dense foliage that the smaller birds love. There were many birds when I visited on the weekend including several Restless Flycatchers also called “Scissors grinder” for their whirring, rasping hissing call. The one below, an immature female was moving between headstones chasing insects.

Restless Flycatcher, Newstead Cemetery, Newstead, Vic

Restless Flycatcher, Newstead Cemetery, Newstead, Vic