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Thornbill and the Irregulars…

While waiting for a neighbour to come by so we could walk over to the lake and along Elster Creek I saw this little Brown Thornbill in a tree that overhangs my front garden. Not a very common bird in inner suburbia unless you have good undergrowth for it to escape the attention of other aggressive birds and the predator Butcherbird. I have seen the Thornbills for a couple of years now in the street so the cover must be improving.

Brown Thornbill

Brown Thornbill

After watching the Thornbill for few minutes we walked over to the Lake and saw a few birds, some regular and some not some common.

Australasian Grebe

Australasian Grebe in breeding plumage – one of the three Grebes we see in Victoria but not very often at the Lake

Willie Wagtail,

Willie Wagtail – a regular in low numbers

Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing – usually a few somewhere in the area and often heard during the night flying over the suburb squawking loudly all the way.

Magpie Lark

Male Magpie Lark – a crazy bird during breeding season – will attack any reflection of itself even in sunglasses on top of a woman’s head…


Female Hardhead – not that common here. Also called a White-eyed Duck due to the males white eye ring. Has found sanctuary here to escape the current Duck Season.