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Swift, Muskie and Scaly

Reports have been coming in of a good sized flock of rare Swift Parrots roosting and feeding in a park between the Macleod shops and Railway Station. I had run into David E at St Kilda pier last weekend and thought we might head over to Macleod and try our luck.

On arriving at the Train Station carpark we were hit by a cacophony of bird noise – miners, ravens, magpies and many parrots and lorikeets. We immediately found Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets, and soon found a flock of 20 Swift Parrots in one of the large flowering gums. It took a while but we got a few average pics of the Swift Parrots. All the parrots and lorikeets were a bit unsettled and we saw why pretty soon – a circling Collared Sparrowhawk.

The Swift Parrot is rare and endangered. It breeds in Tasmania and then makes a crossing of Bass Straight to winter in Central and Southern Victoria.

We also found a pair of Scaly Breasted Lorikeets – a lifer for me and number 313 on my bird life list (309 for my Vic List). I was pretty happy and a bit too slow in getting a clear photo – I do have a beautifully clear shot of the tree trunk and branch that the Scaly is standing on. Maybe next time.

Swift Parrots,

Swift Parrots

Swift Parrots,

Bickering Swift Parrots

Swift Parrots,

Swift Parrot – feeding on Lerp

Musk Lorikeet

Musk Lorikeet feeding on Flowering Gum nectar 

Musk Lorikeet

Musk Lorikeet

Freckled and Endangered…

The Freckled Duck is Australia’s rarest Waterfowl and is endangered in the state of Victoria. They are not usually found in large numbers and prefer permanent fresh water wetlands further inland. But when their preferred sites dry out they move towards the SE Australian Coast looking for other favourable wetlands. They stick close to wooded areas and scrub that leans into the water. Their freckling gives them great camouflage. I have a few places that I can generally find them around my usual haunts.  I found this one at Eynesbury last weekend. There were 5 in a loose flock at the Golf-course lake and wetland.

Freckled Duck

Freckled Duck at Eynesbury