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Goschen Bushland Reserve revisted

Last weekend I headed to the northern part of the state. I wanted to revisit the Goschen Bushland Reserve on the edge of the Mallee country. The state has been receiving a higher than average amount of rainfall and the Mallee has exploded with lush green grass and flowers. While many of the rare vagrant birds have not yet returned to this green oasis amongst the wheat and rapeseed fields surrounding it, many of the local resident species are enjoying the bounty and have started nesting.

I camped in the carpark of the reserve to ensure an early start. It was a very cold, windy, stormy night but I was up nice and early for the dawn chorus and a bit of sun to warm me up.


Goschen Bushland Reserve


The early bird gets the you know what….


I ended up seeing 3 hares on this trip including this one watching me carefully. 


Singing Honeyeater


Brown Treecreeper – a noisy part of the dawn chorus 


Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike – has a very distinctive call. 


Male Hooded Robin




Usually quite dry and sparsely vegetated, the bushland has exploded in grasses and flowers


Historical marker – while Goschen is a failed town, the school serviced the area for a number of decades


The Bushland is under a recently active management plan – new fences, rubbish removal and limited access points – this one is a quite tight squeeze 

Close encounter with a Treecreeper

Walking along the side of Cyanide Dam the day after I photographed the Albino Wallaby I was listening for different birds when a Brown Treecreeper hopped onto the ground nearby. I stopped and crouched down a bit and started to take a few photographs. After a few moments watching me, the treecreeper started to feed again. The Treecreeper has the ability to walk vertically up the trunk and even upside down along a branch. See link for images of a related Treecreeper (White Throated) walking upside down.  In developing the images I was pleasantly surprised to find how interesting the plumage and colouring of the treecreeper was. I have seen Brown Treecreepers a number of times moving around tree trucks and branches but this was the first time I was so close to one to get a good clear view.

Brown Treecreeper, Cynide Dam, Chiltern National Park

Brown Treecreeper, Cyanide Dam, Chiltern National Park

Brown Treecreeper, Cynide Dam, Chiltern National Park


Brown Treecreeper, Cynide Dam, Chiltern National Park


Brown Treecreeper, Cynide Dam, Chiltern National Park



Of course I have to add a cute image of a Superb Fairy Wren taken just after the Brown Treecreeper

Female Superb Fairy Wren, Cynide Dam, Chiltern National Park

Superb Fairy Wren, Cyanide Dam, Chiltern National Park