Urban Melbourne: Laneways, Decay & Colour

Across the road from where I now work are many laneways leading into and around Melbourne’s Chinatown District. While the street facade can be newer and full of shops, the side lanes leading to the backstreets can expose the history and patina of the older buildings. This is the historical, original side of Melbourne I quite enjoy trying to find. My lunchtimes are now spent exploring the laneways and looking above the street level. While there are not many birds, there are many other interesting subjects to find.

Urban Decay, Melbourne CBD, 27 April 2015

Urban Decay, Melbourne CBD – off Bourke St

Urban Decay, Melbourne CBD, 27 April 2015

Urban Decay II

Turn any corner in a laneway and you could find colourful street art..

Graffiti dog, Melbourne CBD, 27 April 2015

Graffiti dog, Melbourne CBD

2 responses to “Urban Melbourne: Laneways, Decay & Colour

  1. I was wandering up Heffernan Lane last Thursday lunchtime… they have been digging it up… for what reason I’m not quite sure, however it was fascinating to see the strata of layers of previous laneway surfaces… it appeared to go down a long way… it’s amazing how many layers the city appears to have accumulated in less than 200 years.


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