Pass friend and be recognised

There has been a lot of media lately about local magpies diving bombing posties and kids going to school. A friend even had a nasty scratch on her face from an attack. I have lived in my area for many years and have never been bombed by the local maggies. I have read that they are very territorial but can actually recognise human faces in their territories, up to 25 distinct people. To play it safe when I walk past a magpie in the streets around my house I take my hat off and give them a clear view of my face. I have done this since I read the article on facial recognition. I reckon it works. I photographed this female (or juvenile, a mottled grey back indicates a female or juvenile) while walking my dog yesterday. She gave me a good long look and then went back to searching for grubs and other tasty morsels in the grass below a pedestrian bridge over the creek behind my house.

Magpie, Elster Creek, Elwood, Vic

Magpie, Elster Creek, Elwood, Vic

2 responses to “Pass friend and be recognised

  1. Great little message Malt, also the intensity of the studying stare is obvious in the pic. One other thing I recently add to your research is that researchers now know that they pass on your facial ID to other maggies in the clan, and have tested it years later to find that they remember you as friend or enemy, even their offspring do also. How amazing! Now they are trying to work out how they do it. I like yourself, have been blessed with being a maggie friend while my friends standing beside me have been savagely and repeatedly attacked. There is truth in displaying face to them and also walking slowly and in a non threatening manner. Have a great week!


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