Churchill National Park Fairywrens.

A friend took me to Churchill National Park a while back. I have been looking for new sites around the greater Melbourne with good photo opportunities. It was a the first time I had visited this site and it was pretty good. There are plenty of tracks and I found good range of forest bird species and a colony of Superb Fairywrens including this nicely coloured male below.

Male Superb Fairy-wren, Chrurchill National Park, Vic

Male Superb Fairywren, Churchill National Park, Vic

4 responses to “Churchill National Park Fairywrens.

  1. The Superb Fairy-wrens are always a good find Malt, we see them everywhere we go. They look so superb in their breeding plumage, as does this one you captured.

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  2. Great place for photogenic wallabies and nesting Satin Flycatchers. Also for an easily accessible tough walk to the top, or on to Lysterfield.


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