1st Birding Minute

I read about creating “birding minutes” a while back (and eventually I will find the article/blog and reference it). The concept is about recording a site and the experience of that moment, the conditions, location and sounds of the local birds. For my first minute I thought I would use my iPhone and a Rode mic but it did not turn out well so in future I will record using my Zoom and the Rode mic. I recorded my 1st Birding Minute last weekend at Greens Bush on the Mornington Peninsula. It is a favourite spot of mine for an early morning walk amongst varied forest and rainforest vegetation types and usually has many birds but on this occasion it was very still and quiet.

A Birding Minute

Greens Bush, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Vic

Greens Bush, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Vic


4 responses to “1st Birding Minute

  1. Finally made time for Mallacoota and Gypsy Point where I visited all of the areas noted on your website. Thank you. The Sea Eagles and the Kingfishers were definitely the stars of the trip.
    Then on a trip to Ballarat last weekend I managed to find Australasian Grebes, Hoary headed Grebes and the Great Crested Grebe (amongst many other beautiful water birds). The Great Crested Grebe, mother, carried the chick on her back whilst father fed it. Such a joy and a privilege to witness and record this behaviour.


    • Glad you enjoyed Mallacoota Dianne, hope you got some nice images. I have not really birded the lake at Ballarat but I have seen many reports from there, seems to be a great spot. Seeing the chicks on the mothers back is a wonderful bonus. I have a few posts on that from local Grebes. It is amazing that the mother can carry so many and feed them. I have seen the mother push the birds off her back so she could dive and get more food.


  2. Have been looking out for reports of the white-necked heron around Melbourne. No joy so far. Would love to photograph one. Do you know of any further sightings?


    • not in the last week or so, I was out west today at the Treatment Plant and we did not see any out that way…I will keep an eye out…ebird would be a good place to check along with Vic Birders on FB.


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