A warm Winter’s Day and a Lifer

The Pink Robin has eluded me for several years – it even turned up in my neighbourhood last year and no matter how many times I took off to find it I kept missing out. Recent reports put one at a Melbourne Water Wetlands on Huntingdale Rd in Oakleigh East. So today I followed the bird report’s details to the backyard fences along the creek feeding into the wetlands where it had been seen and waited quietly to see if I could be lucky this time. I was visited by a Grey Fantail and while taking a few photos of it to test the conditions I saw a little flutter of wings on the fence beside me. I finally had my Pink Robin ( a female).  My 31oth Victorian Lifer.

I followed her around for an hour trying to get better shots as she moved into low scrub with a small feeding flock of Brown Thornbills, White-Browed Scrubwrens and the Grey Fantail.

Grey Fantail

Grey Fantail

Pink Robin

Female Pink Robin

Pink Robin

Many of the shots were like this one.

Pink Robin

Getting closer

Pink Robin

Pink Robin – my 310th Victorian Lifer.

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