Braeside Park in March

After our walk into the Woodlands Park wetlands we crossed over into the Braeside Parkland and had look around the usual spots. It was pretty quiet overall and the water has dropped considerably with many birds moving on until the lakes start to fill up again. I did mange to get a few interesting shots.

Great Egret

Great Egret on a dead tree roost in the middle of the evapourating lake.

Juvenile Butcherbird

Juvenile Grey Butcherbird

Superb Fairy Wren

Superb Fairy Wren -shot taken from the inside of the Bird Hide through glass. The Wren’s frenetic hunting in the grass and the window glass made for a strange effect.

Straw necked Ibis

Straw necked Ibis – straw neck feathers on show and as well as the vibrant colours the wings.

Straw necked Ibis

Straw necked Ibis II

4 responses to “Braeside Park in March

  1. Hi Malt,
    I recently arrived in Melbourne to live for a year and I just got into birding about a year ago while living in New Zealand. I’m currently living in Elsternwick and wondering if you know of any good bird spots nearby either by walking or public transport (I don’t have a car!) I went to Braeside Park yesterday, walking from Mordialloc via another spot you mentioned (the swamps near Waterways.) Saw plenty of these same birds! I also saw some spoonbill right in front of the hide, they’re quite cool.


    • Hi Dan, there are plenty of spots within the Melbourne area to visit for birding. Elster Creek (Elwood canal) right down to the canal mouth, golf course and the Elsternwick lake precinct are good for at least 30 species and if you wait long enough at Pt Ormond more will pass by on the coast. The St Kilda Botanical Garden is worth a visit as is the Melbourne Bot Gardens. What sort of birds are you after? A visit to Jawbone via the Williamstown train line will get you a stack of waders and shore birds. It is a very good site for close viewing of birds and you never quite know what you will find there…it is also a short walk from there to Cororoit Creek mouth. If you become a regular down along Elster Creek I am sure I will run into you. There are a few of us regulars now in the area – Gio F, David E and I met another Birder yesterday – Mike N. All very helpful, full of tips and special local sites.


      • Cheers for the info, Malt. I’ll definitely check out Elster Creek when the weather gets a bit nicer. I’m looking for any birds at the moment, due to being new to Australia / birding it doesn’t take much for me to get a lifer! Plus I just love taking photos even of the more common birds. I’m a member of the Vic Birds Facebook group but find it a little intimidating to be honest as I know so little! Thanks again.


  2. Dan, Also have a look at the Vic Birders group on Facebook. There are a number of birders that just use Public Transport and they know all the good sites…plus regular outings are held with pick-ups for the non-drivers. Keep an eye out for the monthly Elster Creek bird surveys that Gio F runs – timetable should be on the Friends of Elster Creek group on FB.


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